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Sunday, 28 July 2019 10:59

N. Khe. (Noon Khe)

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This social humor series narrates the story of Mr. Nur al-Din Khanzad who owns a sunflower seed processing workshop. Farmers of the region have sold their sunflower seeds to Nur al-Din. After processing, Nour Al-Din sold the product to a man named Mirza'i who lives in Tehran to sell these products in Turkey. Meanwhile, it is reported that Mirza'i has died and farmers try to get their money back from Nour al-Din. Following talks with Mirza’i relatives, Nour Al-Din finds that Mirza’i has been very poor before dying.

N. Khe.
Original Title: Noon. Khe.

Cast & Crew:
Director: Saied Aqakhani
Writer: Amir Vafaei

Cast: Saied Aqakhani, HamidReza Azarang, Ali Sadeghi, Hooman Hajabdullahi, Farideh Sepah Mansoor, Naimeh Nezamdoost

Producer: IRIB 
Executive Producer: Mehdi Faraji

Genre: Drama, Family
Lenght: 15 * 50 min, 2019, HD


Additional Info

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Duration: 15 * 50 min, 2019, HD
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N. Khe.

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