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The Spiritualists

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The series 'The Spiritualists' bears a conscious analogy to a number of stories
in the  Qur'an.  The story revolves  around the two families of  two brothers,
Khalil and Jalil, who are different in almost every  way possible;  one brother
being a 'spiritualist'  and the  other who  rejects his  brother's faith with  a
vengeance. The very close relationship between Dina and her grand-father,
Khalil is one very unique and their deep religious beliefs help them stand all
sorts of trials and tribulations. Both brothers have sons who they are  not
proud of and these sons cause problems which  nearly cause the  death of
members of both families.

The Spiritualists
Origional Title: Saheb-Delan

Cast & Crew
Director: Mohammad-Hossein Latifi
Writer: Ali-Reza Taleb-Zadeh

Director of Photography: Ibrahim Qafouri
Music: Karen Homayoonfar
Sound: Golam-Reza Jahan-Mehr

Cast: Hossein Mahjoob, Mohammad Kasebi, Baran Kowsari, Pooriya Poorsorkh, Borzoo Arjmand, Soraya Ghasemi

Executive Producer: Reza Joodi

Film Editior: Siyamak Mehmandoost
Production: IRIB-Channel 1

Duration: DV, 29X45mins, 2006, Color

Additional Info

  • Genre: Religious
  • Duration: DV, 29X45mins, 2006, Color
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