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Chimney (Dood-Kesh)


Effat and Firooz are living at the carpet cleaning center they own. Firooz’s sister has gotten married to Effat’s brother and the two guys just can’t get along with each other. Both families are constantly in need of money to deal with their problems, but whenever problems arise, they always manage to find a way to come together to overcome them.


Original Title: Dood-Kesh

Cast & Crew

Director: Mohammad Hussein Latifi

Writer: Borzou Niknejad

Producer: Zeinab Taqvaee

Souud: Ibrahim Hatami, Omid Hatami

Editor: Amir Sheyban khaghani

Cast: Houman Bagh-Navard, Behnam Tashakor, Amir Hussein Roustami, Sima Tirandaz, Lida Abbasi, Linda Kiani


DV, 24*45mins, 2013



Additional Info

  • Genre: Family
  • Duration: DV, 24*45mins, 2013
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