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HOMELESS (Khaneh be Doush)

khoone bedoosh  Mashallah & Aslan were playmates long time ago. Now, they are the brothers in law with lots of problems in their relationships. This displeasure started when they established a company which does not come to a satisfactory end. This is when Aslan has improved the company by himself and now, after several years, has made lots of money. On the other hand, Mash Allah, being in a bad financial situation, does everything to make his living, even trying to go to Malaysia for work. Now, two families have decided to reconcile the brothers in law.


Original Title: Khaneh be Doush

Cast and Crew

Writer, Director & Producer: Reza Attaran

Director of Photography: Farhad Sabokbar

Editor: Somayeh Nasiriha

Music: Majid Akhsabi

Cast: Hamid Lolaee, Maryam Amirjalale, Ali Sadeghi, Anahita Hemmati

Production: IRIB-Channel 3


DV, 26×45mins, 2004, Color

Additional Info

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Duration: DV, 26×45mins, 2004, Color
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