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THE LOST INNOCENCE (Masoumiat-e Az Dast Rafteh)

masoomiyat    The story takes place during the reign of Ibn Ziyad, though; Ashoora uprising is put forward in the story too. Showzab, the treasurer of Kufa, is still in love with Homeira, a Jewish widow whose husband has been killed in a battle against Imam Ali. Maria, Showzab’s wife who is Christian, becomes the victim of Homeira’s conspiracy, in a way Showzab sends Maria out of his home. Showzab finally marries Homeira, but the things happen in the years later ends to Showzab’s lunacy.


Original Title: Masoumiat-e Az Dast Rafteh

Cast & Crew

 Director: Davoud Mirbagheri

Screenwriter: Hassan Mirbagheri, Mohammad Biranvand

Camera: Azim Javanrouh

Cast: Amin Tarokh, Fariba Kosari, Sara Khoeiniha, Dariush Farhang Producer: Mohammad Masoud

Production: IRIB Channel 3


Video, 13 x 45mins, 2004, Color

Additional Info

  • Genre: Drama, Epic, Religious
  • Duration: Video, 13 x 45mins, 2004, Color
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