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HOJR-IBN ODDAI (Hojr-Ibn-Oddy)

hojr ibn oday   

This is a 13 episode series focusing on the life of Hojr-Ibn Oddai Kendi, one of Imam Ali (AS)’s companions who accepted Islam at the age of 13, propagating the religion and fighting the usurpers of the sovereignty and people’s properties. He was one of famous personalities in Shia’ period. During Imam Ali (AS)’s fighting with the enemies, he was always along with him. In Saffin Battle, he was appointed as a commandeer of Candeh Tribe by Imam Ali (AS) and in Nahrawan Battle he was also appointed as a commandeer of the left side of the army. He was also Imam Hassan (AS)’s companion during his succession.


Original Title: Hojr-Ibn-Oddy

Cast & Crew:

Writer & Director: Tajbakhsh Fanaiian

Director of Photography: Maziar Parto

Editor: Maziar Parto

Sound: Hossein Fashami

Music: Majid Entezami

Cast: Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, Habib Dehghan Nasab, Jamshid Jahanzadeh

Producer: Amir-Hossein Sharifi

Production: IRIB-Cima Film Center


Video, Color, 13 x 50 mins, 2003

Additional Info

  • Genre: Drama, Epic, Religious
  • Duration: Video, Color, 13 x 50 mins, 2003
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