IRIB Media Trade - FORBIDDEN FRUIT (Miveh Mamnueh)

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mive mamnooee
Shayegan’s company is nearly bankrupt with heavy debts. Jalal Fotuhi has financed the checks Shayegan has made out to the creditors, then putting pressure on Shayegan leave him his factory.  Shayegan suddenly disappears. In the search for her father, Shayegan’s daughter Hasti becomes acquainted with Jalal, who is still insisting on taking over the factory in return for covering the checks. Seeing no alternative, Hasti asks for help from Haj Younes, Jalal’s very religious and wealthy father. After several meetings in trying to solve the problem, Haj Younes finds himself in love with Hasti, a love which is going to spread Haj Younes’ family apart. Meanwhile, through police investigations, Hasti learns his father is alive and hiding in a safe place. Hasti locates her father and blames him for his mistakes and failures. A few days later, Shayegan gets killed and Farzad, the company’s accountant, is arrested. Haj Younes, overwhelmed in his love for Hasti, learns that the real murderer is Jalal, his son…


Original Title: Miveh Mamnueh

Cast & Crew

 Director: Hassan Fathi

Writer: Alireza Kazemipour

Camera: Afshin Amadi

Editor: Babak Rezakhani

Music: Ehsan Khajeh-Amiri

Sound: Khosro Keyvanmehr

Cast: Ali Nasirian, Amir Jafari, Hanieh Tavassoli, Gohar Kheyrandish,
Kazem Balouchi

Producer: Esmaeel Afifeh

Production: IRIB- Channel 2


Video, 31 x 30’, Color, 2007

Additional Info

  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Duration: Video, 31 x 30’, Color, 2007
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