Grand Prix: 'A House in Fog' awarded at SREM FILM FEST

SERM Film Fest 2015

Grand Prix: 'A House in Fog' awarded at SREM FILM FEST 2015, International Festival Documentary Tourism and Ecology

The Jury Verdict

There was a very strong selection of films, which introduced us to new, current and urgent stories from over 30 countries. We were very impressed with the high cinematic value of many of the films, which easily could be placed in competition in any highly-esteemed film festivals around the world.
We believe that such high quality films deserve to be watched by as many people as possible, and we look forward to the festival continuing to explore wide and creative ways to ensure that the audience numbers continue to grow in the future.
In only its third year, this festival is already making its mark on the international circuit, attracting filmmakers from around the world, and we are excited for the future of the festival - to celebrate the natural world we live in, to raise awareness of important environmental issues, and to bind us in a common cause and direction.

Gand Prix
to the film THE HOUSE IN THE FOG, by Mokhtar Namdar, from Iran,
for its artistic and technical proficiency, producing an amazing work of art in all aspects, from each individual frame to the entire work.

A house in Fog 600

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