IRIB Media Trade - #Bike Lover (Hashtag-Docharkhebaz)
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Monday, 05 August 2019 10:00

#Bike Lover (Hashtag-Docharkhebaz)

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Haji Baba, an old man whose old bike is his only companion gets hospitalized in a car accident. The event makes his children come together again. Haji Baba’s grand children have little time to find and return his bike before the grandfather discharging from the hospital, because they all know how much he cares for his bike. 5 grandchildren try their best to find the bike by searching around the city of Esfahan and helping out Internet cyberspaces.

#Bike Lover
Original Title: Hashtag-Docharkhebaz

Cast & Crew:
Director: Mostafa Nazarizadeh
Writer: Ali Khodsiyani

DoP: Ali Hoseinzadeh
Sound: Ali Abdolhoseini
Editor: Golnaz Izadan
Music: Sayed Ahmad Mirmasoumi

Cast: Hasan Aklili, Mehran Hadi, Farzad Karimi, Sadaf Gharazi, Raham Nasiri, Amirhosein Kazemi, Asna Karimian

Producer: IRIB - Isfahan Center
Executive Producer: Peyman Sabzehali

Genre: Drama
Lenght: 82 min, 2019, HD


Additional Info

  • Genre: Children, Family
  • Duration: 82 min, 2019, HD
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#Bike Lover