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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 06:13

Beluga (Beluga)

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The story is about 13-year-old Damon, who is busy with illegal fishing with his father. But their fishing boat is stopped and seized by the Coast Guards of the Environmental monitoring department. A little while later, the father is arrested by the guards while fishing illegal with his friend who is drowned at sea. 
Damon goes to fishing with the fishnet of his father’s friend and one day he catches a big fish calling Beluga in the sturgeon family, which is extremely rare and producer of top quality caviar. He keeps fish underwater after while searching for information about her caught fish, he realizes the fish environmental value.  Damon Doubts either to deliver it to the Department of Fisheries or to sell it at Bazar. Meanwhile a few traffickers seeking to steal the fish pursue Damon. Finally the fish is rescued by the help of the environment guards and fisheries officers.

Original Title: Beluga

Cast & Crew:
Director: Mahdi Jafari
Writer: Farhad Poursaeidi

Director of Photography: Shahram Najarian
Editors: Emad Khodabakhsh
Music: Mesbah Ghamsari
Sound: Hosein Mafi

Cast: Pezhman Bazghi, Majid Potki, Milad Hoseinpour, Nasrin Babaei

Executive Producer: Ahmad Zali
Producer: IRIB - Sima Film Center

Genre: Family
80 min, 2016, HD


Additional Info

  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Duration: 80 min, 2016, HD
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