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Willow & Wind (Bid-o Baad)

willow wind1   From the celebrated pen of Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami comes a film simple in its construction, but devastating in its implications. In the North of Iran, the rainy season has arrived. After a long prelude where transfer student Reza experiences the sight of the rain for the first time, we are introduced to Koichak, a poor classmate who has been banished from school for breaking a window while playing football. To re-enter, he must buy and install a new pane of glass by the end of the school day, as a storm begins to rage outside. This groundwork thrusts the boy into the arms of nature, as he searches down, with the help of the more well-off Reza, the money necessary to pay for the window. And, surprisingly, the journey back from the distant glazier to the school becomes a suspenseful race against time.

Willow & Wind
Original Title: Bid-o Baad

Cast & Crew:
Director: Mohammad Ali Talebi
Screenplay: Abbas Kiarostami

Director of photography: Farhad Saba
Editor: Sohrab Mirsepassi
Music: Mehrdad Jenabi

Cast: Hadi Alipour, Amir Janfada

Production: IRIB MEDIA TRADE & Japan’s NHK
Ececutive Producers: M. Mehdi Dadgou, Makoto Ueda

77 mins, 1999, 35mm


“Willow & Wind” has a simple and personal story. I tried to create images rather than to develop a story in this film. It’s like an abstract painting. I am of the view that cinema should somehow be linked with nature from which human beings have been distanced.

Mohammad Ali Talebi was born in 1958 in Tehran. He cooperated with television in making short films and documentaries. He is a graduate of Film & TV Directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

- City of the Mice 1984
- The Finish Line 1985
- The Wilderness 1986
- The Boot 1992
- Tick Tock 1994
- Sack of Rice 1998
- Willow & Wind 1999
- You Are Free 2001
- The Redness of Unripe Apple 2006

Laon Int’l Film Festival 2000, competition section, France
Singapore Int’l Film Festival 2000, competition section, Singapore
Hong Kong Int’l Film Festival 2000, Hong Kong
Int’l Children Film Festival Zlin 2000, Czech Republic (winner of the Don Quijoteu award)
Wine Country Film Festival 2000, USA
World Film Festival 2000, Montreal, Canada
Lucas Int’l Film Festival 2000, Germany
Bangkok Film Festival 2000, Thailand (winner of the first prize)
Vancouver Film Festival 2000, Canada
Museum of Fine Arts 2001, Boston, USA
Museum of Fine Arts 2001, Huston, USA
Pacific Film Archive 2001, USA
Arab & Iranian Film Festival 2001, NY, USA
World Cinema Film Festival 2001, Philadelphia, USA
Children Film Festival 2001, Flicks, Canada
Shanghai Int’l Film Festival, 2001, China
Int’l Film Festival for Children 2001, Mardel Plata, Argentina
Golden Elephant Children Film Festival 2001, India
Mumbai Int’l Film Festival 2001, India
Olympia Intl Film Festival 2001, Greece
Artek Film Festival 2002, Ukraine
Munchen Film Festival 2003, Germany

Additional Info

  • Genre: Family
  • Duration: 77 mins, 1999, 35mm
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