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Tick-Tock (Tick-Taack)

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Hassan's mother wants to encourage her son to study harder. She gives her husband's watch to her son's teacher & asks the teacher to give it to Hassan as a school prize. Hassan's classmate, Saee'd, is fascinated by the watch & think that he deserves a prize, too. Hassan lends the watch to Saee'd one day, who takes it home & shows it to his grandfather. The old man, who thinks the boy has been awarded a prize at school, hides the watch for safe keeping, & Hassan's mother has to go to Saee'd's house to get it back.

The Title: Tick-Taack

Cast & Crew

Writer&Director: Mohammad-Ali Talebi
Director of photography: Farhad Saba
Editor: Hassan Hassandoost
Music: Mohammad-Reza Aligholi
Cast: Saee'd Gharaee', Hassan Ghassemkhani, Abbas Sadeghinejad,
Negin Sedgh-Guya
Producer: Mohammad-Ali Talebi
Production: Shahed TV Group

35mm, 65mins, 1993, Color

Additional Info

  • Genre: Children
  • Duration: 35mm, 65mins, 1993, Color
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