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The Sun Shines on All Equally (Aftab Bar Hameh Yeksan Mitabad)

The sun shines on all equally01  

Nager and Janet are close friends. Reza, Negar's husband and Janet's former lover, is a chemically-injured war victim, with his recovery a total disappointment to his doctors. Deceiving the hospital manager, a friend of Negar's influential father, they succeed in getting Reza out of the hospital and taking him to a shrine in another city, hoping for a miracle. But, in driving the long, beautiful roadway, they find miracles all around, leading them at the end to a greater miracle for the Muslim couple and unexpected enlightenment for Janet, a Christian.

The Sun Shines on All Equally

The Title: Aftab Bar Hameh Yeksan Mitabad

Cast & Crew

Writer & Director: Abbas Rafei
Director of Photography: Hassan Karimi
Editor: Mohammad Reza Moeeni
Music: Karen Homayounfar
Sound: Behrouz Moavenian
Cast: Merila Zarei, Laleh Eskandari, Ahmad Mehranfar, Siamak Ehsaei
Producer: Abbas Rafei
Production: IRIB-Sahar Network


35mm, 90mins, 2007 Color



Born in 1962 in Shiraz, Abbas Rafei graduated in Cinematography from the University of Television and later in Dramatic Literature. He has made some short films, documentaries and TV series, and "The Sun Shines…" is his forth feature film.

Mina's Secret 1997
Butterfly in the Wind 2004
The Path Taken 2006

- Golden Minbar "Muslim Cinema" F.F., 6-12 Sep. 2007, Russia
- Religion Today F.F., 6-20 Oct. 2007, Italy (Winner of “In the spirit of the faith” and “Women and Religion” Awards)

- Listapad Film Festival, 17-24 Nov. 2007, Belarus


Additional Info

  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 35mm, 90mins, 2007 Color
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