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The Redness of Unripe Apple (Sorkhiy-e Sib-e Kaal)


The fifteen-year-old Reza lives with his widowed mother and older brother. Mother, who works in a factory, has a marriage proposal from a co-worker, but she is reluctant to share the news with her sons. After being in a dilemma for a time, she finally makes up her mind but an unexpected accident during the marriage ceremony ends in the death of Reza's brother. Tajik, his stepfather, is found guilty of murder. Meanwhile, Reza learns about some realities in his brother's life. In the midst of all these concerns, it is Reza's decision alone which can save Tajik's life.

The Redness of Unripe Apple
The Title: Sorkhiy-e Sib-e Kaal

Cast & Crew

Director: Mohammad Ali Talebi
Writers: Mohammad Ali Talebi & Mohammad Reza Kateb
Director of Photography: Ali Loghmani
Editor: Mehdi Hosseini-Vand
Music: Mohammad Reza Aliqoli
Cast: Shirin Bina, Danial Manafi, Shokraneh Shokrva, Seyed Jamal Safraf
Producer: Mohammad Ali Talebi
Production: IRIB-Channel 1

35mm, 90mins, 2006, Color



Mohammad Ali Talebi was born in 1958 in Tehran. He cooperated with television in making short films and documentaries. He is a graduate of Film & TV Directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

- City of the Mice 1984
- The Finish Line 1985
- The Wilderness 1986
- The Boot 1992
- Tick Tock 1994
- Bag of Rice 1998
- Willow & Wind 1999
- You Are Free 2001
- The Redness of Unripe Apple 2006


Additional Info

  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 35mm, 90mins, 2006, Color
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