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The Olive Sore (Zakhm-e Zeitun)

The Olive Sore1 

When a woman opposes his husband’s fights against Zionism Regime, she accidentally finds herself involved in the actions in a way she makes an unexpected decision, which totally changes her personality.

The Olive Sore
The Title: Zakhm-e Zeitun

Cast & Crew

Director: Mohammad-Reza Ahanj
Scriptwriter: Reza Maghsoudi
Director of photography: Mostafa Ahmadian
Editor: Reza Bahar-Angiz
Music: Behnam Saboohi
Sound: Behrooz Shahamat
Cast: Yasamin Ernadoot, Adir Ad, Siyuna Fayyaz
Producer: Seyed Amir Hosseini
Production: Sahar TV Channel

35mm, 91mins, 2004, Color


Born in Tehran in 1965, Mohammad-Reza Ahanj graduated in Industrial Design from the Art University. He began his artistic career by creating film set design and video clips. After making the medium length film THE MORNING I WAS BORN, he started his collaboration with IRIB and directed the 26 part TV series named SHADOW OF THE SUN. The Olive Sore is his first feature film.


Additional Info

  • Genre: War
  • Duration: 35mm, 91mins, 2004, Color
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