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The First Stone (Sang-e Aval)

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Hassan Ali is the first person in the village who buys himself a gravestone. All villagers are surprised by Hassan Ali, making fun of him. Hassan Ali’s wife is mad at him and she also wants a gravestone. He promises to buy her one. This makes the other women in the village ask the same from their husbands. A challenge starts in the whole village, everyone taking a bigger and more expensive gravestone. Many years later! The graveyard of the village is full of stones. But, at the age of 108, Hassan Ali is still alive and healthy.

The First Stone
The Title: Sang-e Aval

Cast & Crew

Writer & Director: Ebrahim Forouzesh
Cinematography: Fereydoun Shirdel
Editor: Bahram Dehghani
Music: Mohammad MohammadAli
Sound: Mehdi Saleh Kermani
Cast: Mohsen Tanabandeh, Andishe Fouladvand
Producer: Seyed Alireza Sebt Ahmadi
Production: Cima Film Center


35mm, 90mins, 2009, Color



Born in Tehran in 1939 and graduated in Cinema.

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• The Key

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The film analyzes the social relations, morality and misbehaviors in a closed and limited society like a village, in order to critically aim their bad and reprehensible habits. The irony layers in the film makes it close to situation comedy. The film is realistic and bears a docu-drama structure.


Additional Info

  • Genre: Family
  • Duration: 35mm, 90mins, 2009, Color
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