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Shahr Ashoob (Shahr Ashoob)


This film focuses on the life of Ghiaseddin Jamshid Kashani, the great Iranian mathematician and discoverer of ? =3/14 & Sinus, and his companion Moineddin Kashani. Ghiaseddin gets killed by Ologh Beyk, the ruler of Samarkand, but Moineddin is announced as the murderer, so that they can introduce themselves as the discoverers.

Shahr Ashoob
The Title: Shahr Ashoob

Cast & Crew

Director: Yadollah Samadi
Screenwriter: Fereydoon Daneshmand
Director of Photography: Hassan Pouya
Editor: Mehrdad Khoshbakht
Sound: Mahmood Samak-Bashi
Music: Mohammad –Reza Darvishi
Cast: Hossein Yari, Amin Zendegani, Arash Taj-Tehrani, Jafar Dehghan, Mahmood Pak-Niat
Producer: Mohsen Ali-Akbari
Production: Cima Film Center
Ratio: 1:1.85
Sound: Dolby Surround


35mm, 120mins, 2006, Color



Born in 1953, Yadollah Samadi started his career with making 8mm films and working as the Assistant Director with Nosrat Karimi, Nader Ebrahimi…He made his debut feature film ”The Man Who Knew a lot” in 1983.

The Bus 1984
The Station 1985
Savalan 1988
Two & Half 1990
Domrol 1992
The Miracle of Smile 1994
Saray 1996
My Lady 2001
Shahr Ashoob 2006


Additional Info

  • Genre: Family
  • Duration: 35mm, 120mins, 2006, Color
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