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Paradise is Somewhere else (Behesht Jaa-ye Digarist)

Paradise is some where else1

Dreaming a place more interesting than his native village with its simple and unchanging routines, seventeen-year-old Eidok is planning to travel to the Emirates in spite of his parents’ objections. He appoints Gol-Mohammad, an Afghan young immigrant, to take his place as the village shepherd. But his father is killed just before he sets out on the journey and Eidok is exposed to pressure from his relatives to take revenge according to the tradition. He finally suspects that staying put requires the same amount of courage as leaving, and cutting oneself off from one’s roots isn’t as easy as running away from oneself.

Paradise is Somewhere else 
The Title: Behesht Jaa-ye Digarist

Cast & Crew

Writer & Director: Abdolrasoul Golbon
Director of photography: Mohammad Davoodi
Editor: Hasssan Hassandost
Sound: Mohammad Mokhtari
Music: Saeed Ansari
Cast: Yar-Mohammad Damanipour, Jan-Mohammad Tajik
Producer: M. Hossein Haghighi
Production: Cima Film & Farabi Cinema Foundation

35mm, 77mins, 2003, Color



We all love paradise. Everyone is somehow looking for it. World is full of different aims and dreams, and everyone with each thought and belief is searching for a lost thing or a new horizon in life. In this film, we take a look not only at people’s efforts in obtaining a better opportunity, but also at the world of the people living on the borderline, the ones who have been forgotten.


Born in 1960 in Shiraz, Abdolrasoul Golbon is a graduate of Filmmaking who began his film career as director of TV documentaries and short films. His last collaboration with television channels is a documentary series entitled “The Epic of Sousangerd”, included in the well-known TV documentaries “The Chronicle of Victory”.PARADISE IS SOMEWHERE ELSE is his debut feature.


Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2003 (Competition section), Czech Republic

Montreal World Film Festival 2003, Canada

Quebec City Film Festival 2003, Canada

Mid East Film Festival 2003, Lebanon

Mill Valley Film Festival 2003 (World Cinema Section), USA

Denver Film Festival 2003, USA

New Delhi Int’l Film Festival 2003, India

Sao Paulo Int’l Film Festival 2003, “Competition Section”, Brazil

Int’l Children and Young Film Festival 2003, Argentina (Winner of the Special Prize “Golden Kite” from the Jury Ex-aequo, also Special Prize from Signis Jury)

Kolkata Film Festival, Nov.10-17, 2003, India

Int’l Cinema & History Meeting Film Festival (TURSAK), Dec 12-19 2003, Turkey

Goteborg Film Festival, January 23-February2, 2004, Sweden

Kinder Film Fest Berlin, Feb. 6-15, 2004, Germany

Nashville Film Festival, April 26 - May2, 2004, USA

The Rimouski Int’l Youth Film Festival, September19th-26th 2004,


Olympia Int’l Film Festival for Children & Young People, Dec.4-11, 2004, Greece (Winner of Special Jury Prize)

23rd International Young Audience Film Festival ALE KINO, June 6th-11th 2005, Poland


Additional Info

  • Duration: 35mm, 77mins, 2003, Color
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