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Paper Airplanes (Mooshak-haaye Kaaghazi)

 Paper airplane1

A public official at the Department of Culture and his son travel to distant villages to show films. They arrive at a beautiful valley where they meet beautiful, kind and curious people, and are helped in putting up their touring cinema while the local children entertain them with myths and fairytales. None of the villagers have ever seen a film, and their amazement and enchantment is great to the degree that not even the pouring rain can prevent the tonight's show. But the father and his son also learn something new on this journey, as they are captured by the natural beauty in the traditional life. "Paper Airplanes" is a charming film about the simple joys of life, about innocence and friendship.

Paper Airplanes
The Title: Mooshak-haaye Kaaghazi

Cast & Crew

Writer, Director & Editor: Farhad Mehranfar
Director of photography: Morteza Poursamadi
Music: Naser Shokraii
Sound: Amir-Hossein Ghasemi
Cast: Hashem Hakimzadeh, Reza Hakimzadeh, Anis Shakouri
Producer: Mohammad-Reza Sarhangi
Production: IRIB-Channel 2

35mm, 90mins, 1996, Color


1- 45th San Sebastian Int'l Film Festival, 1997, Spain
2 - Lucas 97 Int'l Children Film Festival, 1997, Germany
3- Hamburg Int'l Film Festival, 1997, Germany
4- Films From the South, Oslo, 1997, Norway
5 - 46th Mannheim - Heidelberg Int'l Film Festival, 1997, Germany
6- 2nd Pusan Int'l Film Festival, 1997, South Korea
7- Sao Paulo Int'l Film Festival, 1997, Brazil
8- 3rd Shanghi Int'l Film Festival, 1997, China
9- Film Festival Ragazzi Bellinzona, 1997, Switzerland
10- 9th Int'l Children's Film Festival, Wien, 1997, Austria
11- 29th New Delhi Film Festival, 1998, India
Winner of the Second Prize (Silver Peacock)
12- 27th Rotterdame Int'l Film Festival, 1998, Holland
13- Cine Junior Int'l Film Fest, Paris, 1998, France
(Winner of the First Prize)
14- 21st Goteborg Int'l Film Festival, 1998, Sweden
15- 16th Cinema Ales Int'l Film Festival, 1998, France
16- 16th Children's Film Festival "Ale Kino", 1998, Poland
(Winner of CIFEJ Prize)
17- 39th Children's Film Festival, Zlin, May 1998, Czech Republic
(Winner of Special Jury Prize)
18- 34th Pesaro Film Festival, 1998, Italy
19- L’age dor Prize Festival, 1998, Belgium
20- 12th Annual Wine Country Film Festival, 1998, U.S.A
21- 15th Chicago Int'l Children Film Festival, 1998, U.S.A
22- L'alternativa' 98 Film Festival, 1998, Barcelona, Spain
(Winner of Special Mention Award)
23- 2nd Olympia Int'l Film Festival, Greece
(Winner of the Best Film Award)
24- Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 1998, Taiwan
25- Museum of Fine Arts, 1998, Boston, USA
26- Ankara Film Festival, 1999, Turkey
27- 8th Innsbruck Film Festival, 1999, Austria
28- Melbourne Film Festival, 1999, Australia
29- Festival Do Rio, 1999, Brazil
30- 17th Carroussel Film Festival, 1999, Canada
31- World Film Festival of "Human and Nature", 1999, South Korea
(Winner of the Third Prize)
32- 22nd Mill Valley Film Festival, 1999, USA
33-5th MedFilm Festival, 1999, Italy
34- 30th Cassel Film Festival 2001, Germany
35- Iranian Film Week 2001, USA
36- Tiburon Film Festival 2002, USA
37- Iranian Film Week 2002, USA


Additional Info

  • Duration: 35mm, 90mins, 1996, Color
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