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Naneh Lala and Her Children (Naneh Lala Va Bachehayash)

nane lala

Naneh Lala is an old and lonely woman. Her son, Ali, has been in Japan for a year and she has not heard from him for almost six months. One summer day, when all neighbors are away attending a funeral of a 1ocal resident leaving their children at homes, Ali makes a phone call to 12-year-old Amir, Naneh Lala’s neighbor’s son, asking him to bring her mother to the phone as he would call back in an hour to speak to her. As Amir's parents have locked him inside the house, the neighboring children come up with various schemes to bring Naneh Lala to the telephone.

Naneh Lala and Her Children
The title: Naneh Lala Va Bachehayash

Cast & Crew

Writer & Director: Kambozia Partovi
Director of Photography: Bahman Zonouzi
Editor: Varouzh Karim-Masihi
Music: Mohammad Haghighi
Sound: Majid Mortazavi, Nader Rezaee
Cast: Mahtaj Matin, Naser Shahgherdi, Nasrollah Etminan
Producer: Vahid Nik-khah Azad
Production: Rooz Film

35mm, 77mins, 1997, Color


1- 29th New Delhi Film Festival (India, January 10-20 1998)
2- Montreal Film Festival (Canada, Aug 27- Sept 7 1998) "Cinema of Today" Section
3- Film From the South Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark, Sept 18-24 1998)
4- Lucas Film Festival (Frankfurt, Germany, Sep. 21-27 1998, Winner of Cifej Prize)
5- Hamburg Film Festival (Germany, Sept 23-30 1998)
6- 17th Oulu Children Film Festival, Nov. 16-22 1998, Finland
7- 11th Castelinaria Children F.F. (Ragazzi), Nov. 14-21 1998, Switzerland
8- 3rd Kerala Film Festival, April 3-10 1999, India
9- 12th Singapore Film Festival, 16 April-1 May 1999


Additional Info

  • Genre: Children, Family
  • Duration: 35mm, 77mins, 1997, Color
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