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Hiam (Hiam)


Hesan is a young engineer of Palestinian descent living in Britain. He returns home to marry his childhood classmate, Hiam, and go back to England for a peaceful life. After the wedding ceremony and on their way back, they are held up at an Israeli checkpoint. Hesan is apprehended by Israeli forces and Hiam returns to the Jenin Refugee Camp. Mossad conjectures that Hiam is indeed Sabah, a top activist and organizer of Istish'hadi operations. Hiam, therefore, is blacklisted, and security forces are looking for her. This coincides with attacks on the Jenin Camp by Israeli forces and the massacre of key figures of the Intifadha. The following events lead to pressure on Hiam to assume Sabah's identity.

The Title: Hiam

Cast & Crew

Director: Mohammad Dormanesh
Screenwriters: M. Dormanesh, Gh. Hossein Daryanavard, Abbas Tahmasbi
Director of photography: Mohammad Taghi Paksima
Editor: Hossein Zandbaf
Music: Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Sound: Asghar Shahverdi
Cast: Jahad Sa’ad, Rim Ali, Nadin Hamzeh, Kaffah Al-Khus
Producer: Mehdi Homayounfar
Production: IRIB-Sahar TV Channel

35mm, 100mins, 2004, Color



Mohammad Dormanesh, a graduate in electronic, began his activities with Film Production Group in I.R.I.B channel 2. He has been the director of photography in 13 feature films, and scriptwriter for 4. He has also produced and directed “Commander of Love” and “Commander of Kheibar” for a documentary series entitled “The Chronicle of Victory”.



Additional Info

  • Duration: 35mm, 100mins, 2004, Color
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