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Gipsy (Koli)


Talkhak Village suffers from draught. All locals are praying and waiting for a Do-Tar player who is able to play Tune of God (Magham-e Allah) to make the sky cry. When ceremony begins, Rasoul comes along with his hunted larks and spoils everything. Do-Tar player leaves the village and Rasoul embarks on a journey to find him…

The Title: Koli

Cast and Crew

Writer & Director: Ali Shah-Hatami
Director of photography: Mohammad Ahmadi
Editor: Behzad Behzadpour
Sound: Abbas Rastegarpour
Music: Fardin Khalatbari
Cast: Salman Ghamkhar Ahmadi, Ziba Saberi, Gh. Pour-Attaie
Producers: A. Shah-Hatami and Cima Film
35mm, 84mins, 2002, Color


Born in Tehran in 1960, Ali Shah-Hatami began artistic activities as a play writer, stage actor and director. Joining the Arts Bureau of the Islamic Propagation Organization and collaboration on the Bureau’s film projects as assistant director, he entered the film industry and directed his first short film THE PIT in 1988. Three years later, he made his debut feature CHASING THE SHADOWS.


Waiting eyes are looking at the sky, for it has turned his back to the earth and thirsty lips of the earth are chapped. How is it possible to impregnate the clouds and make the earth satiated? It is said that killing a lark makes the land infertile and wheat is not to grow in a land where a lark has bled to death. It is said that the sky and earth will never compromise until Allah Tune is played by a Dotar player, so a kid lark-killer ought to begin his journey in order to find the Dotar player. Apparently, it is going to be the tale of his first amorous journey.

Feature Films

Chasing the Shadows 1991
The Iron Bird 1994
The Last Reconnaissance 1997
The Turtle 2000
The Friends 2000
Shrapnel in Peace 2001
Gipsy 2002


Ale Kino Film Festival 2003, Poland
Wine Country Film Festival 2003, USA
Auburn Film Festival 2003, Australia
Mill Valley Film Festival 2003, USA
Flanders Film Festival 2003, Belgium
New Delhi Film Festival 2003, India
Cine Kid Film Festival 2003, The Netherlands
Chicago Film Center 2003, USA
Sao Paulo Film Festival, Oct 17-30, 2003, Brazil
Golden Elephant Film Festival, Nov 14-20, 2003, India (Winner of Silver Elephant for the Best Film in the Asian Panorama)
Int’l Cinema & History Meeting Film Festival (TURSAK), Dec 12-19 2003, Turkey
FIFEJ Int’l Children Film Festival, Dec 24-30, 2003, Tunisia
Goteborg Film Festival, January 23- February 2, 2004, Sweden
Religion Today Film Festival, October 2004, Italy


Additional Info

  • Genre: Children, Family
  • Duration: 35mm, 84mins, 2002, Color
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