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BIRTH OF A BUTTERFLY (Tavalod-e Yek Parvaaneh)


EPISODE 1: The Birth
Desperate to having child after his first wife's early death, Esmael remarries a widow with two children. After four miscarriages and coming up tensions between Esmael and his two step-children, a tragic incident alters all their lives.
EPISODE 2: The Path
Mandani, a cripple and scourge of the village, refuses to participate in a group pilgrimage. Instead, he sets off alone. His subsequent encounters and experiences leave Mandani with a new perspective on life and his fellow villagers.
Abandoning a relatively easy life, Shahboddin decides to teach in a remote village where he becomes entangled in local affairs. Villager’s expectations of him lead to disastrous results. However, after much soul-searching, Shahboddin achieves the peace of mind.

The Title: Tavalod-e Yek Parvaaneh

Cast & Crew

Director: Mojtaba Raee
Writer: Saeed Shahpoori
Director of photography: Mohammad Davoodi
Editor: Hassan Hassandoost
Music: Kambiz Roshan Ravan
Sound: Mohammad-Reza Delpak
Cast: Rahim Jahani, Mahmood Nazar Alian, Mohammad Faghih, Zahra Farhadi, Saeed Mousavi, Hamid Nahrain
Production: IRIB-Sima Film Center

35mm, 98mins, 1998, Color



-Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival, August 16-30 1998, UK-Montreal Film Festival, August 27- September 1998, Canada (Cinema of Tomorrow section)
-8th Fukuoka Film Festival, September 11-20 1998, Japan
-9th Iranian Film Festival "Film Center", October 3- November 1 1998, Chicago
-Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
- 30th New Delhi Film Festival, January 10-20 1999, India
- New Directors/New Films Festival, April 11 - March 26 1999, New York, USA
- 23th Hong Kong Film Festival, March 31 - April 14 1999, Hong Kong
-2nd Anadolu Film Festival, 24-31 May 1999, Turkey
-1st Cinemanila Film Festival, 3-10 July 1999, Philippine (Winner of the best Asian Film)
- 5th Int'l Film Festival of Kerala, 31st March-7th April 2000, lndia
- 13th Singapore Int'l F.F., 31st March-15th April 2000


Additional Info

  • Genre: Children, Environment, Family
  • Duration: 35mm, 98mins, 1998, Color
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