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Still Life (Tabiat-e Bijaan)

    In a slow rhythm, the film presents almost still life of an old switchman, living with his wife in a remote rural area. The old man’s habitual routine of life comes to an abrupt end when he receives notice of his retirement. He is replaced with a young switchman and has to leave the home, where he spent the greatest part of his life, without knowing where to go.

Additional Info

  • Genre Family
  • Duration 35mm, 90mins, 1974, Color, Iran

Saint Mary (Maryam-e Moghaddas)

    It is the year 16 B.C. People of Jerusalem are waiting impatiently for the birth of the son of Emran, the “Messiah”. But instead, a girl is born. Anna, her mother, names her Mary, which means the Servant of God. At the age of 6, Mary is presented in the temple, and remains there under the protection of Zechariah the prophet until the age of 16. She spends all of her time in labor and prayers, and is harassed by the Jewish priests. She achieves such holiness that the angel Gabriel descends upon her, and she gives birth to Jesus Christ.

Additional Info

  • Genre Family, Religious
  • Duration (Serial version: 11 X 45mins)

Willow & Wind (Bid-o Baad)

  From the celebrated pen of Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami comes a film simple in its construction, but devastating in its implications. In the North of Iran, the rainy season has arrived. After a long prelude where transfer student Reza experiences the sight of the rain for the first time, we are introduced to Koichak, a poor classmate who has been banished from school for breaking a window while playing football. To re-enter, he must buy and install a new pane of glass by the end of the school day, as a storm begins to rage outside. This groundwork thrusts the boy into the arms of nature, as he searches down, with the help of the more well-off Reza, the money necessary to pay for the window. And, surprisingly, the journey back from the distant glazier to the school becomes a suspenseful race against time.

Additional Info

  • Genre Family
  • Duration 77 mins, 1999, 35mm
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