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Noora (Noora)

    Noora, the small girl in a family of forest-dwellers, becomes paralyzed from waist down in an accident. Her family decides to take her to the nearby city for medical treatment, but they have difficulty to prepare the required money. Noora’s brother, Niaz, who feels responsible for the accident, makes up his mind to restore his sister’s health and undertakes a strange and unbelievable venture.

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  • Duration 35mm, 84mins, 2002, Color

Sharpnel in Peace (Tarkesh-haa-ye Solh)

    To earn money and send it for his family in a nearby city, Jomeh, a young boy, and a group of a border town inhabitants collect the metal wastes remaining from the wartime. When a suitor asks for Jomeh's sister's hand, he decides to provide dowry for her and volunteers to pass through a minefield to collect more scrap metal.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration 35mm, 80mins, 2001, Color

Imam Ali (Imam Ali)

    During Osman’s ruling, cries of objection are heard from different parts of Islamic lands. Some people from Kufeh City and some from Egypt have come to Medina to complain. Mistakes made by Marvan, Osman’s son-in-law, change people’s objections to wrath and Osman is murdered in his house. Thereafter, people swear allegiance to Imam Ali whereas some governors are against him…This historical work is ended with the martyrdom of the holy imam by Islam enemies in Kufa at least.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic, Religious
  • Duration 35mm, 2000, 22 episodes, color

Strangers (Bigaanegaan)

    Kaveh, a young man from America, walks the roads of southern Iran searching for his recently deceased and estranged father's childhood home. Abdul Reza fixed his fatigued truck by the side of the road. Together these two strangers embark on a three day journey that leads them from a tiny village, to an ancient graveyard and in search of a murderer. A journey that forces Kaveh deeper and deeper into the past and into himself.

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  • Duration 80mins, 2000, 35mm

The Legend of Love (Afsaaneh-ye Eshgh)

    Khazar starts a journey through the mountains of Kurdistan to find her beloved, Horam. She has to pass through the magic tunnel of rituals and fabulous beliefs of this ancient land. Years ago, to alleviate his restless soul, Horam quit the medical college to work in a clinic and help the war-struck people of his homeland, the village of Boonan. Khazar's guide on this journey is a cassette Horam left her on which he has explained the reasons of his departure and has sung a love lyric. "The Legend of Love" is a journey to the world of signs.

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  • Duration 35 mm, Color, 83mins, 2000

The Cart (Charkh)

    A restless boy is forced by his peddler father to spend a whole day inside his dad's cart as a punishment. Ironically, this gives the kid the chance to see the world, as tough as it is, through a small hole on the cart. And then what happens during the day brings about a new understanding and a new relationship between the father and the son.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration 35mm, 70mins,1999,Color

BAG OF RICE (Kise-ye Berenj)

    When a 5-year old kid accompanies an old lady in the neighborhood to do some shopping, they get lost by accident in the crowded streets of Tehran. Though people try to help them reach home, but they are not sure if they can make it…

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  • Genre Children, Family
  • Duration 35mm, 78mins, 1998, Color

BIRTH OF A BUTTERFLY (Tavalod-e Yek Parvaaneh)

    EPISODE 1: The BirthDesperate to having child after his first wife's early death, Esmael remarries a widow with two children. After four miscarriages and coming up tensions between Esmael and his two step-children, a tragic incident alters all their lives.EPISODE 2: The PathMandani, a cripple and scourge of the village, refuses to participate in a group pilgrimage. Instead, he sets off alone. His subsequent encounters and experiences leave Mandani with a new perspective on life and his fellow villagers.EPISODE 3: BUTTERFLYAbandoning a relatively easy life, Shahboddin decides to teach in a remote village where he becomes entangled in local affairs. Villager’s expectations of him lead to disastrous results. However, after much soul-searching, Shahboddin achieves the peace of mind.

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  • Genre Children, Environment, Family
  • Duration 35mm, 98mins, 1998, Color

The Tree of Life (Derakht-e Jaan)

  "The Tree of Life" pictures the enchanting mountains of Talesh. It is a picture of birth, love, and death of the old nations living in the misty forests of this land. In a winter, when men crimson the white snow with the blood of the deer, a child is born. His mother recites him the love story of the spring, of the mystery of the flowers' colors, and of the love toward his father. And the father's restless life, gazing at the far away, finds calmness in death in the cold winter.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration 35mm, 73mins, 1998, Color

Naneh Lala and Her Children (Naneh Lala Va Bachehayash)

    Naneh Lala is an old and lonely woman. Her son, Ali, has been in Japan for a year and she has not heard from him for almost six months. One summer day, when all neighbors are away attending a funeral of a 1ocal resident leaving their children at homes, Ali makes a phone call to 12-year-old Amir, Naneh Lala’s neighbor’s son, asking him to bring her mother to the phone as he would call back in an hour to speak to her. As Amir's parents have locked him inside the house, the neighboring children come up with various schemes to bring Naneh Lala to the telephone.

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  • Genre Children, Family
  • Duration 35mm, 77mins, 1997, Color
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