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Mama's Guest (Mehmaan-e Maamaan)

    The mother has two dear guests, a newly wed couple arriving to her house for the first time. The father, a film buff and a movie theater projectionist, comes home with no money and declares that the theater has been closed down. The mother, who has a heart condition, is anxious because their financial situation won't allow her to receive her guests properly and serve them in a traditional Iranian way.  The neighbors, in this old-fashioned housing complex, who are in even worse financial stress, wholeheartedly come to her rescue and help her to create a wonderful dinner feast.

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  • Genre Drama, Family, Fantasy
  • Duration 35mm, 104mins, 2004, Color

Silent King (Shaah-e Khaamuosh)

    At the start of the First World War, the Iranian government announces its neutrality in order to spare the country from unnecessary devastation, but Iran’s neutrality is disregarded by both the Allies (Russia & England) and the Axis (Germany & the Ottoman). The film focuses on the unlawful intervention of the two sides, the encounter and strife between the forces of the two, the effect made on the social and even personal lives of the Iranians and the efforts of Ahmad Shah Qajar to preserve the country’s independence and territorial integrity.

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  • Genre War
  • Duration 35mm, 98mins, 2004, Color

The Olive Sore (Zakhm-e Zeitun)

    When a woman opposes his husband’s fights against Zionism Regime, she accidentally finds herself involved in the actions in a way she makes an unexpected decision, which totally changes her personality.

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  • Genre War
  • Duration 35mm, 91mins, 2004, Color

The Sacred Footsteps (Qadamgaah)

    Rahman, who has grown up among the villagers and know himself as a foundling, is planning to carry out a ten-year vow. On the 15th of the lunar month of Sha’ban, the birth anniversary of the 12th Imam, he has to be present on a spot regarded as the placed trodden by the Holy Imam. Following a dream he has, Rahman realizes he can find traces of his parents in the village. Thus, leaving the rites of the vow unfinished, he returns to village to find his identity.

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 35mm, 100mins, 2004, Color

The Tear of The Cold (Ashk-e Sarmaa)

  The feature ia anti-war work by Azizollah Hamidnezhad which happen in Kurdestan region during the Iran-Iraq war.“The Tear of the Cold” is the story of a soldier expert at defusing mines and a Kurdish shepherdess, apparently just grazing her flock in the war zone, but deep inside full of hatred with army forces. In the chilly border zone of Kurdistan, where the soldier keeps defusing mines, and the girl keeps helping guerrillas laying mines, who can ever imagine the day that they trust, or even die for each other?

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  • Genre War
  • Duration 35mm, 96mins, 2004, Color

Maiden (Dooshizeh)

    Studying theatre in university, Mina is an active, mighty and moralistic girl. Lawbreaker Ramak is a girl of another type who meets her. Gradually, their fates bring them together, and experiencing all critical and dangerous situations, they find the chance to know each other better.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration 35mm, 73mins, 2003, Color

Naghmeh (Naghmeh)

    A young college student is preparing her final thesis based on the fact that the true love is mystical. Among number of couples who support her research, she confronts Mahmoud, a chemically injured man, who is obliging the court to agree with his divorce request. After a while, she finds out that Mahmoud’s wife is Naghmeh, her thesis instructor, who is deeply in love with her husband. Going much deeper in their relationship, she finds a different belief about love.

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  • Genre Drama, Family, Romance, War
  • Duration 35mm, 80mins, 2003, Color

Paradise is Somewhere else (Behesht Jaa-ye Digarist)

    Dreaming a place more interesting than his native village with its simple and unchanging routines, seventeen-year-old Eidok is planning to travel to the Emirates in spite of his parents’ objections. He appoints Gol-Mohammad, an Afghan young immigrant, to take his place as the village shepherd. But his father is killed just before he sets out on the journey and Eidok is exposed to pressure from his relatives to take revenge according to the tradition. He finally suspects that staying put requires the same amount of courage as leaving, and cutting oneself off from one’s roots isn’t as easy as running away from oneself.

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  • Duration 35mm, 77mins, 2003, Color

DEAD HEAT (Kavir-e Marg)

    This is not supposed to be story-telling movie. One just an ordinary day, A teenage boy happens to witness a woman's dumping a dead boy down a well near his village in the outskirt of the desert. Noticing his presence, the murderess decides to kill him, starting a deadly marathon.

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  • Genre Children, Crime, Family
  • Duration 35mm, 71mins, 2002, Color

Gipsy (Koli)

    Talkhak Village suffers from draught. All locals are praying and waiting for a Do-Tar player who is able to play Tune of God (Magham-e Allah) to make the sky cry. When ceremony begins, Rasoul comes along with his hunted larks and spoils everything. Do-Tar player leaves the village and Rasoul embarks on a journey to find him…

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  • Genre Children, Family
  • Duration 35mm, 84mins, 2002, Color
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