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The Redness of Unripe Apple (Sorkhiy-e Sib-e Kaal)

    The fifteen-year-old Reza lives with his widowed mother and older brother. Mother, who works in a factory, has a marriage proposal from a co-worker, but she is reluctant to share the news with her sons. After being in a dilemma for a time, she finally makes up her mind but an unexpected accident during the marriage ceremony ends in the death of Reza's brother. Tajik, his stepfather, is found guilty of murder. Meanwhile, Reza learns about some realities in his brother's life. In the midst of all these concerns, it is Reza's decision alone which can save Tajik's life.

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 35mm, 90mins, 2006, Color

A PIECE OF BREAD (Yek Tekke Naan)

  This morning, young men will compete in a race that would lead two of them employed as environment guards. This morning, like the other mornings, Maryam would limp to the school with her stiff leg. This morning, the sergeant, along a soldier, has complainingly set out on a rough path to take Karbalai, one of the elders of the village, with him. This morning, Karbalai is sitting under an old tree with a bundle, a cane and a rosary. He will have to testify to the claim of a dear one at the end of a long path.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration 35mm, 93mins, 2005, Color

Hayat (Zendegy)

    Hayat is a 12 year-old girl who lives with her family in a beautiful village in Iran. For the past month, she has been preparing hard for an exam, scheduled to take place in the school of the village. The night before the exam, her father falls hardly ill and is taken to the hospital. Hayat is forced to look after her infant sister on the most important day of her life. Good Samaritans try to help Hayat take the exam at school, but to no avail. After all, Hayat is not the kind of girl who quickly gives up…

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  • Duration 35mm, 80mins, 2005, Color

Men of Anjolos (Mardaan-e Anjolos)

    It’s the first years of Christianity appearance, imperial of Hadrian to Eastern Rome (Byzantine Empire) and sovereignty of Diocletian to Philadelphia. Tendency to the Christianity among some of the emperor’s commanders, which is no more hidden to the public, makes the city’s governors to punishing them. Taking refuge in a cave out of the city and sleeping, to the Commandment of God, for three hundred years in the cave created a story known as “Men of Anjolos”. 

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  • Genre Drama, Epic, Religious
  • Duration 35mm, 105mins, 2000, color

A PLACE TO LIVE (Jaaii Baraaye Zendegi)

    With the outbreak of the imposed war, the large family of Eidi-Mohammad is dispersed and their properties are occupied by the enemy. Fear, hope, resistance and lost loves make a new fate for every member of the family till the final battle and freeing the region.

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  • Genre Family, War
  • Duration 35mm, 110mins, 2004, Color

BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF FOG (Posht-e Pardeh-ye Meh)

    Morteza, a deaf boy, lives with his mother in a beautiful village in the north of Iran and studies at a boardinghouse. When the new superintendend comes to the boardinghouse, some misunderstandings come up.

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  • Genre Children, Drama
  • Duration 35mm, 96mins, 2004, Color

FATHER’S FARM (Mazrae-ye Pedari)

    The writer of a book entitled “Father’s Farm” is invited to Dezfool for a critics' session about his book and ideas. He goes on the journey with his family and enters the war zone with them. This is the time the memories of the wartime and the operations come back to him. The artillery fire of the enemy had to be stopped, and all these memories are included in this novelist's book.

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  • Genre Family, War
  • Duration 35mm, 98mins, 2004, Color

Time to Meet (Va’ade-ye Didar)

  Ebrahim Mahdavi, a sophisticated artist, is unable to do more paintings as a result of chemical injuries he has received in war, and now spends his time teaching art and philosophy at the university. When his health conditions deteriorate, he travels along his wife to London for medical treatment, but is kidnapped by an art dealer who possesses an unfinished painting by Mahdavi’s father, and forces Ebrahim to complete the painting.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration 35mm, 90mins, 2004, Color

Hiam (Hiam)

    Hesan is a young engineer of Palestinian descent living in Britain. He returns home to marry his childhood classmate, Hiam, and go back to England for a peaceful life. After the wedding ceremony and on their way back, they are held up at an Israeli checkpoint. Hesan is apprehended by Israeli forces and Hiam returns to the Jenin Refugee Camp. Mossad conjectures that Hiam is indeed Sabah, a top activist and organizer of Istish'hadi operations. Hiam, therefore, is blacklisted, and security forces are looking for her. This coincides with attacks on the Jenin Camp by Israeli forces and the massacre of key figures of the Intifadha. The following events lead to pressure on Hiam to assume Sabah's identity.

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  • Duration 35mm, 100mins, 2004, Color

Left Foot forward on the Beat (Tabl-e Bozorg Zir-e Paa-ye Chap)

    The sun is cruelly shining. Soldiers are extremely thirsty. When it comes to the need of water in a war zone, even enemies would turn to friends, especially when a small pool lies between.

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  • Duration 35mm, 84mins, 2004, Color
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