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Three Fish (Seh Maahi)

  Elham went to the doctor because of strange headache and is confirmed by the neurosurger she has a tumor brain and she may be amnesia caused by surgery. Meanwhile her tiling is approved by the City Beautification. She who recently lost her child does not want to do the surgery…

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration 90 min, 2015, HD

The Window (Panjereh)

    Fast traslate   Icon translate      Ali, a 12 years old teen, is living in a village with his family during the northern railway construction.  He realizes that their neighbors’ child is sick and as he is interested in painting, he learns it from an old local painter and tries to entertain the child.

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  • Genre Children, Family
  • Duration 80 min, 2015, HD

All Alone (Tanhaye Tanhaye Tanha)

   Ranjro , a boy of eleven years of age from Bushehr, becomes friends with a Russian boy who lives in a camp between their village and the Atomic Power Plant . They like each other earnestly, but when it comes to political decisions, everything takes a new form. Ranjro wants to know by who and where in the world decisions are made. He sets out on a strange journey and...

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  • Genre Children, Family
  • Duration 93 mins, 2013, 35 mm

Days of Life (Roozhaa-ye Zendegi)

  Last days of Iran-Iraq war! Acceptance of the UN resolution means the end of it. While a young surgeon couple is preparing to evacuate the field hospital, an attack is launched by the Iraqis. Now, they have no choice but to desperately stay in the underground shelter, taking care of the injured and fighting to survive.

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  • Genre Action, Family, War
  • Duration 90 min, 2012, 35 mm

Flame in the Wind (Sholeh dar Baad)

   "Flame in the Wind" is the story of the girls who live in remote areas of villages in Gilan Province in the north and Qeshm Island in the south of Iran. Attending boarding schools, they have a chance to get familiar with different regions and climates of their country, Iran.

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  • Genre Environment, Family
  • Duration 90 mins, 2012, Video

Good Fellows (Doostane Khoub)

   "Good fellows” is the story of two friends who live in a village and are entering high school. However, due to the long distance from home to school they have to stay at a dorm. From their village only one student will have accommodation allowance. So one of them has to step aside in favor of the other and…

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  • Genre Children, Family
  • Duration 87 min, 2012, Video

Wet Letters (Nameha-ye Khis)

  Razia a virtuous girl is working in a bridal dressmaking store for many years. She falls in love with one of the employees, who is taxi driver. she has no friend and cares her old mother. every time, by seeing of Qasem ( taxi driver), she becomes hopeful more than before and creates her dreams. Here; the loneliness of Razia is showed, and she tries hardly to keep the equilibrium of her life. 

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration Director: Marjan Ashrafizadeh Writers: Marjan Ashrafizadeh & Ali Asgari Director of Photography: Mohammad Rasouli Editors: Sina Ganjavi Music: Milad Movahedi Sound: Majid Hashemipour Cast: Behrouz Shoaibi, Javad Ezzati,Masoumeh Ghasemipur, Maryam Boubani, Mahtaj Nojoumi Producer: IRIB Channel 4 Video, 90 mins, 2012, Color

The Companion (Hamneshin)

    This is a movie about a family who has to go on a business trip in which they cannot take their children along. The children then go through a lot of different stories.

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  • Genre Children
  • Duration Video, 93 min, 2012, Color

The Tourist (Tourist)

  This movie is the story of 10-year-old Mojtou who lives in a village around Kerman with his sister and parents who have a business in host tourism. Tobias is a German kid who has been staying at their place with his parents. In an accident caused by Mojtou, he gets hurt.Mojtou regrets his behaviour and…

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  • Genre Children
  • Duration Video, 82mins, 2012, Color

Waiting for Miracle (Dar Entezare Mojezeh)

  Amir & Mehraneh, a couple, loathe the sight of each other and full of hatred and detestation. Their marriage has been a disastrous mistake and their hellish life has exasperated them. However, they are forced to endure each other for one more day.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration 35mm, 83mins, 2012, Color
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