IRIB Media Trade - Along the Wind in Alone Desert (Hamrah-e Baad dar Del-e Tanha-ye Kavir)

Saturday, 19 September 2015 12:10

Along the Wind in Alone Desert (Hamrah-e Baad dar Del-e Tanha-ye Kavir)

Along the Wind6  

At the turn of the millennium, a small group of researchers set out a hazardous journey into the heart of the central deserts of Iran. They try various routes and while beating the hair-raising roads, they begin to restore the historical events that once occurred in the same places. Along with “Along The Wind”, we will be taken to the most significant Kavir Desert of the country in Semnan Province and amazing Dasht-e Lut Desert; one of the world's driest and hottest places in Kerman Province.
The team screen one of the best adventure film about the deserts.

Along the Wind in Alone Desert
The Title: Hamrah-e Baad dar Del-e Tanhaa-ye Kavir

Cast & Crew

Writer, Director & Editor: Manoochehr Tayyab
Director of Photography: Hassan Yazdani
Music: Ahmad Pezhman
Sound: Ali Afshari, Jalal Hosseinian
Production: IRIB-Channel 1

35 mm, 115mins, 2002, Color


Born in 1937 in Abadan, Manoochehr Tayyab is a graduate of Architecture in Cinema, TV and Direction from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna. He has been a critic and translator of the cinematic journals, as well as the supervisor of the department of photography and cinema in Faculty of the Social Interactions Sciences.



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Along the Wind


Additional Info

  • Genre: Environment, Epic, Ducumentary
  • Duration: 35 mm, 115mins, 2002, Color
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