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Saturday, 19 September 2015 09:40

Alborz (Alborz)

824cbad8 0a76 4ff0 a028 da38fb9c851b   This fictional documentary is about the mountain range of Alborz and the civilization established around it. The Alborz mountain range is considered to be the forth environmental phenomenon of Iran. mountain range in northern Iran that stretches from the border of Azerbaijan along the western and entire southern coast of the Caspian Sea and finally runs northeast and merges into the Aladagh Mountains in the northern parts of Khorasan.


Original Title: Alborz

Cast & Crew

Research,Writer& Director: Manouchehr Tayyab

Editor: Siavash Naghshbandi

Camera: Arastoo Madahi-Givi

Music: Ahmad Pejman

Sound: Amirhosein Ghasemi

Production: IRIB- Cima film Center


Video, 87mins, 2012, Color

Additional Info

  • Genre: Environment, Ducumentary
  • Duration: Video, 87mins, 2012, Color
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