IRIB Media Trade - The Iranian Reptiles (Khazandegan-e Iran)

Saturday, 19 September 2015 08:44

The Iranian Reptiles (Khazandegan-e Iran)

285179 441   This series aims at scientific analyzing and introducing different species of the Iranian reptiles which is a new approach in Iran.Discovering and adding new species to the monitor lizards of Iran and the world via genetic testing was one of the major achievements of this series which signifies the profound researches backing the project.
The Iranian Reptiles
Original Title: Khazandegan-e Iran
Cast & Crew:
Researcher, writer & Director: Farokh Rastkar
Cameramen: Farokh Rastkar, Fatemeh Amini
Editing and Sound Mixing: Abouzar Heidari
Executive Producer: Fathollah Amiri
Production: IRIB - Documentary Channel
44 min, 2014, HD

Additional Info

  • Genre: Environment, Wild Life, Ducumentary
  • Duration: 44 min, 2014, HD
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