IRIB Media Trade - From The Alps to MT Damavand (Az Alp ta Damavand)

Saturday, 19 September 2015 08:22

From The Alps to MT Damavand (Az Alp ta Damavand)

damavan 11   The movie From the Alps to Mt Damavand focuses on the holiness of mountains in different religions including Mount Damavand in Iranians' legends. It introduces this mountain together with the environment and the traditions of the villagers around it.

From The Alps to MT Damavand
Original Title: Az Alp ta Damavand

Crew & Casts:
Writer& Director: Farhad Varahram 

Camera: Reza Teymouri
Editor: Hasan Hasandoust
Sound: Ahmadreza Taei

Production: IRIB - Channel 2

82 min, 2014, Video

Additional Info

  • Genre: Environment, Ducumentary
  • Duration: Video, 82mins, 2014, Color
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