IRIB Media Trade - The Empire for Squirrels (Emperatoori-ye Sanjabha)
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Monday, 20 May 2019 12:00

The Empire for Squirrels (Emperatoori-ye Sanjabha)

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The Empire for Squirrels” Documentary considers the wildlife of “Shirin Su Lagoon” in Hamedan Province, it shows amazing life of the ground squirrels in the nature of the province.

The Empire for Squirrels
Original Title: Emperatoori-ye Sanjabha

Cast & Crew:
Director: FarshadAfshinpour

DoP: FarshadAfshinpour

Producer: IRIB - IRIB - Hamedan Center
Exec.Producers: FarshadAfshinpour

Genre: Documentary
Lenght: 73 min, 2019, HD


Additional Info

  • Genre: Ducumentary
  • Duration: 73 min, 2019, HD
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