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Sunday, 21 February 2016 09:55

A Journey to Amadai (Safar Be Amadai)

 amadai   A journey to Amadai documentary displays more than various thirty animal species such as golden eagle, Sand grouse, Kal and Capra, grand squirrel or the same Marmotini and specially the great lord of this land, Iranian gray wolf or the same timber wolf in a land area 20,000 km2 during all seasons of the year.
A journey to Amadai not only displays the life cycle of this land but also narrates the wonderful secrets of life of various animals during harsh winter, severe and dried summer, colorful autumn and clamorous spring during 61 minutes.

A Journey to Amadai
Original Title: Safar Be Amadai

Cast & Crew
Director & Cameraman: Farshad Afshinpour 
Writer: Omid Abdoullahi

Researchers: Dr. Arya Shafaeipour, Mohammad Ja’afar Alizadeh, Mohammad Asghari
Editing: Sayyed Saeed Mirghazi
Sound: Pouyan Bashti Monfared
Narrator: Davoud Namayandeh

Executive Producer: Farshad Afshinpour
Producer: IRIB - Hamedan Center

61 mins, 2016, HD


Additional Info

  • Genre: Environment, Wild Life, Ducumentary
  • Duration: 61 mins, , 2016, HD
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