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Friday, 25 September 2015 20:01

Touring IRAN (Irangard)

TouringIRAN 320   In this documentary, history and cultures of various ethnic groups in Iran are presented. The documentary concentrates on the life of a city man who travels and lives with different Iranian ethnic groups trying to find peace in nature.
The explorer travels to different provinces in Iran such as Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Gilan, Boushehr, Mazandaran and Yazd and describes the nature in these places together with their cultures and the history. 

Touring IRAN
Original Title: Irangard

Cast & Crew
Writer & Director: Javad Gharaei
Cameraman: Rahim Danaei, Hasan Fadavi, Ali Fazeli
Editor: Nima Hasandoust 
Sound: Kouros Moalemi
Production: IRIB - Channel 4

13 x 45 mins, 2015, DV

Additional Info

  • Genre: Cult, Environment, Ducumentary
  • Duration: 13*45 min, 2015, DV
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