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Behind That Snowy Hill (Posht-e Aan Tappeh-ye Barfi)

Behind That Snowy Hill 2   

It narrates an old woman living mysteriously in a deserted village for more than 20 years, lonely. She tolerates many difficulties and problems, but she tries to solve them by herself and continues her life without any help and lives lonely.

Behind That Snowy Hill
The Title: Posht-e Aan Tappeh-ye Barfi

Cast & Crew

Writer & Director: Ramtin Lavafipour
Director of Photography: Ramtin Lavafipour
Editor: Ramtin Lavafipour
Music: Dariush Namdar Zangeneh
Sound: Abdollah Heydari
Producer: Ramtin Lavafipour

Video , 25mins, 2007, Black & White



Ramtin Lavafipour was born in 1973 in the south of Iran. He started his artistic career with an interest in photography during high school. He soon joined the Young Cinema Society. After school, he continued his education by studying film making at the IRIB University in Tehran. He has made several documentary and short films and won numerous international awards.

Wind Does not Blow only in the Sky (Short film, 16mm, 2001)
Road (Short film, 16mm, 2002)
One, Two, Three, Four (Short film, DVC, 2003)
Hederse (Documentary, DVC, 2003)
Wind in the Silence of Dust (Documentary, DVC, 2005)


Additional Info

  • Genre: Environment, Ducumentary
  • Duration: Video , 25mins, 2007, Black & White
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