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The Black Tear (Ashk-e Siah)

  Cheetah, for its dark tear line that is stretched from its eyes all the way to the rims of its mouth, is distinct from other cat-like animals. Asiatic Cheetah is a different sub-species from African Cheetah and since it is extinct in all the regions of the world except Iran, it is called Iranian Cheetah. In this quest, that took 6 years and covered an area as vast as Switzerland, but the result was surprising…

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  • Genre Wild Life, Ducumentary
  • Duration 63 min, 2016, HD

A House in Fog (Khanei Dar Meh)

  Sorayaa has been living alone in a master's house in mountain foot for a long time. The house is the only reason she tolerates all the hardships of living alone in wild nature. 

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  • Genre Environment, Family, Ducumentary
  • Duration 28 min, 2014, HD

Deylaman, Paradise of Ancestors (Deylaman, Behesht-e Niyaakaan)

    The documentary of “Deylaman, Paradise of Ancestors” displays an endless view of a territory full of historical legends. It aims at introducing this land as a Geopark by showing geographical wonders together with the ancient and cultural heritage of the land of Deylaman.    

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  • Genre Environment, Ducumentary
  • Duration 62 min, 2012, HD

Alamto, A Reptile Wonderland

    For the first time ever, this riveting documentary shows a wonderland in Ilam where rare reptiles are living. The film shows these exotic species trying to survive on the planet for more time. 

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  • Genre Environment, Wild Life, Ducumentary
  • Duration 60 min, 2014, HD

Feast of Martyrdom (Eid-e Shahaadat)

  Every year, a great caravan hold the historical and religious events symbolically in central points of Iran during Muharram Days (Days of martyrdom of  Imam Husein ) and shows this mourning ceremony in the city. It shows color, music, figures show and creates a space of a period of history.

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  • Genre Cult, Religious, Ducumentary
  • Duration 40 min, 2015, HD

Touring IRAN (Irangard)

  In this documentary, history and cultures of various ethnic groups in Iran are presented. The documentary concentrates on the life of a city man who travels and lives with different Iranian ethnic groups trying to find peace in nature.The explorer travels to different provinces in Iran such as Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Gilan, Boushehr, Mazandaran and Yazd and describes the nature in these places together with their cultures and the history. 

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  • Genre Cult, Environment, Ducumentary
  • Duration 13*45 min, 2015, DV

From The Alps to MT Damavand (Az Alp ta Damavand)

  The movie From the Alps to Mt Damavand focuses on the holiness of mountains in different religions including Mount Damavand in Iranians' legends. It introduces this mountain together with the environment and the traditions of the villagers around it.

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  • Genre Environment, Ducumentary
  • Duration Video, 82mins, 2014, Color

The Iranian Reptiles (Khazandegan-e Iran)

  This series aims at scientific analyzing and introducing different species of the Iranian reptiles which is a new approach in Iran.Discovering and adding new species to the monitor lizards of Iran and the world via genetic testing was one of the major achievements of this series which signifies the profound researches backing the project.

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  • Genre Environment, Wild Life, Ducumentary
  • Duration 44 min, 2014, HD

Memories for All Seasons (Khaterati Baraye Tamam-e Fosoul)

    In 1983, Vienna the capital of Austria was host of Iranian chemical injured soldiers who were sent there for healing. They were badly injured by chemical bombing during the imposed war of Iraq to Iran.

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  • Genre Ducumentary
  • Duration 30 Min, 2014, 3D

If Ezzat Doesn't Come to Tea House (Agar Ezzat be Ghahvekhane Nayayad)

  Ezzat is the owner of a teahouse in Masouleh, a village in North of Iran. This Teahouse is the only place for the old men of the village to gather with eachother. Being in the teahouse, Ezzat brings hope to these old men hearts and make them sure and they have a place to spend time together.

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  • Duration Video, 2014, 40 mins, Black & White
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