IRIB Media Trade - Rocket City (Shahr-e Mooshaki)
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Monday, 04 October 2021 19:21

Rocket City (Shahr-e Mooshaki)

rocket city 360
The "Rocket City" series is about a martyr family, which is derived from the name of Tehrani Moghaddam martyr. Mehdi and his mother with Aghajoon who live on an island... Fatemeh has a post-engineering and secret laboratory that she has built with her own abilities. The island is in dire need of Mr. Sam's help due to his uncle's lack of work, and the island's weakness is obvious. But with the help of Aghajoon and the efforts of the twins and under the command of Fatima, they try to build robotic missiles to defend the island, which is opposed by Mr. Sam and his entourage, and finally Mr. Sam makes every effort to destroy the island so that This island, like other surrounding islands, should be ruled by him. With Aghajoon's guidance and the children's efforts, they will eventually win and Sam and those around him will be severely defeated.

Rocket City
Original Title: Shahr-e Mooshaki

Cast & Crew:
Writer: Mohammad Sarshar
Director: Rasool Azargoon

Producer: Rasoole Haji Parvaneh
Production: IRIB - Pooya TV Channel

Lenght: 26 x 25 min, 2021, 2D 
Pre-School, Kids


Additional Info

  • Genre: Animation, Children
  • Duration: 26 x 25 min, 2021, 2D
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Rocket City