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Rira's Stories (Gheseha-ye Rira)

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Rira is a curious, four-year-old girl who usually finds it difficult to get new experiences. She and her age-old friends face different questions every day in the world around them with every part of the series. They think through the problem and analyze it with their childish mindset and realize their mistakes and find their abilities during the story. The series, from the perspective of a kid to the outside world, can tune their subjective world tangible for fathers and mothers.The story's events are followed by a narrator.

Rira's Stories 
Original Title: Gheseha-ye Rira

Cast & Crew:
Director: Babak Nazari

Writers: Anahita Teymourian, Mazdak Salehi, Ahmad Sahihi, Sana Samiee, Mina Hossen Abadi, Sadaf Amin Ranjbar

Producer: IRIB - Saba Animation Center
Exec Producer: Babak Nazari

Genre: Animation, Children
Lenght: 18 * 40 min, 2015, HD

Pre-School, Kids

Additional Info

  • Genre: Animation, Children
  • Duration: (64+104) * 9 mins, 2014, Cut Out
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Rira's Stories
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