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Holy Rulers (Farman Ravayan-e Moghadas)

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Some of the divine messengers, were ruling and invited people to worship of the only true God. The most important of them, was Solomon the prophet (AS), was known for his unique property. The other holy rulers are Hazrat-e David (AS), Hazarat-e Samuel (AS) and Hazarat-e Saul (As), whose ruling stories are in this series.

Holy Rulers 
Original Title: Farman Ravayan-e Moghadas

Cast & Crew:
Director: Amir Mohammad Deshestani

Exec Producer: Seyed Massoud Razavi
Production: IRIB - Saba Animation Center

Genre: Children, Animation
Lenght: 23 x 25 mins, 2005, 3D
Kids, teens


Additional Info

  • Genre: Animation, Children
  • Duration: 23 x 25 mins, 2005, 3D
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Holy Rulers
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