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Heart of the Sun (Ghalb-e Khorshid)

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There is a zourkhāneh in Sistan, city of Zaranj in which great heroes have been raised. Zourkhāneh is a traditonal gymnasium in which varzesh-e bastani (pahlavāni) is practiced. The heroes decided to take a long trip for a religious
practice of "self-cultivation" of the individual.

Heart of the Sun 
Original Title: Ghalb-e Khorshid

Cast & Crew:
Writer: Maryam Rajaei
Director: Ahmad Alamdar

Lead Animator: Faezeh DavarPanah

Exec Producer: Mohammad Hossein Alamdar
Production: IRIB - Saba Animation Center

Genre: Children, Animation
Lenght: 13 x 20 mins, 2015, 3D 

Additional Info

  • Genre: Animation, Children
  • Duration: 13 x 20 mins, 2015, 3D
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Heart of the Sun
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