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Saturday, 20 February 2016 12:27

Children of Oak (Koudakan-e Balot)

Children of Oak
"Children of Oak" Animation narrates people’s daily life at one of Iran beautiful villages of Kurdistan, western part of the country from sunrise to sunset.
It shows their greatest occasion for celebration, marriage, its ethnic ceremonies, traditions, their dresses, dance, music and games. It lets us know how they live on the basis of their old traditions.
There is no real 
main or alternative characters on the film, all the characters, old and young, kids, men and women are the people of village and play as they live in real.

Children of Oak
Original Title: Koudakan-e Balot

Cast & Crew:
Writer, Director, Layout: Saadat Rahimzadeh

Editor: Hamid Fanaei
Sound: Mohammadreza Minapour
Music: Abdollah Jamal Segermeh
Animator: Saeed Farhangian
Photographer & Story Board: Sara Rahimzadeh

Executive Producer: Saadat Rahimzadeh
Production: IRIB - Saba Center

10 min, 2016, Paint on Glass

Additional Info

  • Genre: Animation, Children
  • Duration: 10 min, 2016, Paint on Glass
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Children of Oak
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