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Friday, 25 September 2015 19:21

Hatam & the Governer (Hatam va Hakem)

hatam 240   The story of “Hatam & the Governor” narrates to help the poor-men and to seek for justice. The world history is a scene of presence of many truth-seeking and pure-intention people. Here; it is trying to show the personality of Hatam like a good character man. He is always ready to help the people without considering of himself.

Hatam & the Governer
Original Title: Hakem va Hatam

Cast & Crew:
Director: Samad Gholamzadeh

Writers:Samad Gholamzadeh, Mahmoud Amiri

Story Board: Samad Gholamzadeh
Animator: Hesam Nosrat, Iman Mohammad Amini
Sound: Amir Ghobar Astaneh
Music: Mohammad Hoseiniyan

Executive Producer: Ziba Keshvari
Production: IRIB - Saba Center

Genre: Animation, Children
Lenght: 40 x 15 mins, 2015, 3D
Kids, Teens


Samad Gholamzadeh was born in Shirvan city of Mashad. He was graduated from IRIB University in 1992. This director has produced more than 5000-mins animations.
Here; we can refer to these animations such as follows: Little Brave Man, Eagles’ Height, Sweet Stories, Lasting Stories, the Break.

Additional Info

  • Genre: Animation, Children
  • Duration: 40 x 15 mins, 2015, 3D
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Hatam & the Governer
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