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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 06:19

Alvatan Heros (Sheerhay-e Alvatan)

Alvatan Heros  

This is the story of the Iranian soldiers during Iraq-Iran war. To make familiar of Iranian children with the holy defense is the basic aim of this story. The bravery of soldiers and their resistance against enemy and also their martyrdom in the war is shown in this animation. Aliasghar is a young boy who gets wounded in the war in Alvatan Mountain. He was injured hardly and he goes into a cave in order to save himself from wild animals and cold weather. A mountain lion lives there and helps Ali Asghar. There are happened some events and…


Alvatan Heros

Original Title: Sheerhay-e Alvatan

Cast & Crew

Script: Mohammad Ebrahim Soltanifar

Director: Behrouz Soltanifar

Producer: Saba Center


1×25 mins, 3D Computer Assisted

Additional Info

  • Genre: Children
  • Duration: 1×25 mins, 3D Computer Assisted
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