IRIB Media Trade - Mourning For Ruqaya (SA) (Soog-e Roqayeh)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 10:58

Mourning For Ruqaya (SA) (Soog-e Roqayeh)

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The animation is about Hazrat Ruqayyah(S.A) is the daughter of Imam Hussein(A.S) and one of the witnesses of Karbala tragedy who created a heroic event like other members of Ahl al-Bayt(S.A) with her martyrdom-like death.
The presence of this little girl in the very heart of Husseini bloody movement, definitely, cannot be considered a simple and insignificant thing.
It narrates the calamities and difficulties inflicted on Hazrat Ruqayyah(S.A) from Karbala to Kufa and from Kufa to Sham which are so bitter and terrible that bothers the conscious of any man of salvation and liberty and really harms the hearts and souls.

Mourning For Ruqaya (SA)
The Title:Soog-e Roqayeh

Cast & Crew

Writer and Director: Mohammad-Reza Kaashef
Production: IRIB-Saba Center

12 mins, 2D Animation

Additional Info

  • Genre: Children
  • Duration: 12 mins, 2D Animation
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