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Great People of Iran

The Great People main
  “Great People of Iran” is the story of the lives of well-known people who weren’t so famous in the beginning. They used to be ordinary people just like you and I. The only difference is that they didn’t ignore the special events which happened in their lives. They had big thoughts in their heads. Some of them had rich families and some others were poor.
Some of them helped people with their ideas and some others with their physical power. Some of them went abroad and let the whole world use the precious knowledge of this county. Then they came back educated to serve their own people. Some others stayed among their own people from the beginning.
The great Iranian like as: Shahriyar, Amir Kabir, Sattar Khan, Kamal-ul Molk, Dehkhoda, Parvin Etesami, Pahlevan Takhti, Dr. Hesabi, Nima Yooshij and etc.

Great People of Iran
Title: Mashahir-e Iran

Cast & Crew:

Directer: Ahoura Shahbazi
Writer: Alireza Saani
Music: Armin Rahbar
Production: IRIB- Saba Center

26X17 mins, 2D Animation

Additional Info

  • Duration: 26X15 mins, 2D animation
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