IRIB Media Trade - Gem of Universe (Dorr-e Hasti)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 07:10

Gem of Universe (Dorr-e Hasti)

Gem of Universe 5   Being born, Prophet Mohammad has already lost his father.He was fully orphaned at the age of 6 by losing his mother and his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib at the age of 8. He is brought up under the care of his kind uncle Abu Talib and meets a Christian monk named Bahira when he’s 12. Facing many events such as the reconstruction of kaaba and Halif al-Fudul, Mohammad builds a reputation for honesty and becomes known as “Al-Amin” meaning faithful. He then started managing Khadijah’s commercial operations and consented to marring her.

Cast & Crew

Writer and director:Hamid Ranjbaran

Production: IRIB- Saba Center

98 minutes, 2D animation

Additional Info

  • Genre: Children
  • Duration: 98 minutes, 2D animation
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