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Tuesday, 22 September 2015 06:42

Yalda Night (Shab-e Chelleh)


According to Persian culture, Iranian people believe that the first night of winter is the longest night of the year. This night is called Yalda Night. This series is on the basis of old Persian stories. The story of monsters, human kinds and animals, friendship and enmity,…and etc. every synopsis is concluded of an old story belongs to the old years narrated by the grandmothers for children.

Yalda Night

Original Title:Shab-e Chelleh

Cast & Crew

 Directer: Mohammad-Jamal Mohammad-pour

Writer: Tooska Vaghedi, Mahdi Esmaeli Ghah-Farrokhi

Production: IRIB-Saba Center


13X10 mins,  Cutout Animation

Additional Info

  • Duration: Duration:13X10 mins, Animation
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