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City of Honey (Shahr-e Asali)

CityOfHony 240   In spite of different abilities and talents, children share the same essence. It’s this essence that lets kids and other human beings have equal rights. Understanding this seemingly simple matter by parents and teaching it to kids can be quite influential. The main purpose of making “City of Honey” is to use an indirect way of educating children in these types of abilities.
The stories help kids get familiar with fancy characters with individual and social capabilities like the kids themselves. They are a set of weak and strong points that come with the kids’ own needs and temptations.They too may shirk responsibilities or choose naughtiness over other things.This series include 12 video and 12 audio seasons with the mentioned subjects.

City of Honey
Original Title: Shahr-e Asali

Cast & Crew:
Writer: Niyousha Sadr
Director: Mehdi Anbouhi Kiyani

Producer: IRIB - Saba Animation Center
Executive Producer: Arman Zarinkoub

Genre: Children, Animation
Lenght: 12 x 60 mins, 2012, 3D
Kids, teens



Additional Info

  • Genre: Animation, Children
  • Duration: 12 x 60, 2012, 3D
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City of Honey (Shahr-e Asali)
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