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IRIB MEDIA TRADE, known before as Cima Media Int'l (CMI), is the sole representive of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) in distribution of its productions (documentaries, feature films, TV series,Tele films and animations ) as well as program acquisition for IRIB local TV channels. Acquisition departmant is exclusively responsible for providing programs for seven local TV channels, annually screening 2000 titles of various productions and purchasing variety of programs from feature films and drama series to documentaries and children programs...

Sales department of IRIB MEDIA TRADE actively promotes IRIB productions in international markets, already sold programs to major companies and TV channels such as ZDF, YLE, VRT, Channel 4 TV,ASTRO, and MBC...

Another part of IRIB MEDIA TRADE activity is to enter titles into international festivals where iranian films have been continuously winning prizes and critical acclaim in recent years, including the hugely successful "Dance of Dust","Paper Airplane","Traveler from the South","Tear of the Cold","Hayat"...

IRIB MEDIA TRADE is also active in the field of co-production, always searching for reliable partners. "Wild Life of Iran" is a perfect example,co-produced with BBC, also "Willow and Wind" co-produced with NHK, "One More Day" with M.H.S in Canada, and"Strangers" with Norouz production in the US.


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